Monday, April 13, 2009

Workshop Live @ Furtados - Tour Diary

Well there is not much of a tour diary to write so post your reviews people tongue

Well since this was an instore gig and it was not your regular Workshop show we decided initially to try and do an acoustic set. But due to Raj not being available for Jams we dropped the idea and went with a regular set but we added a twist.

We got 3 guest vocalists for the show. Bipro (Ex-Zohak/JATIC) to sing Kothai Doro Cho, Mangesh (Coshish) to sing Bunty Aur Malika Sherwath and Siddhart Basrur (Kinky Ski Munky) to sing Cookie Monster. We jammed with them once before the gig at my place and then headed straight to the venue.

The venue was packed, not a big order considering how small it was but it was an intimate gathering of Workshops most intelligent fans for sure. Brain Fry started the show and were pretty decent, did a bunch of acoustic covers. Cats in the Cradle being my fav and a couple of Arjuns originals. We proceeded with our set after that.

We played
Pudhe Sarka
She Folked Up My Jazz
Kothai Doro Cho feat Bipro
I Came
Bunty Aur Malika Sherwath feat Mangesh
Chhati Ke Saath Panga
Cookie Monster feat Siddhart
Khooni Murga
Like A Virgin - Maddonna Cover

I think I got the above order all wrong but thats ok tongue

Surprisingly there are a fair number of videos and photos.

Bipros Album - Click Here
Aditya Sawants Album - Click Here
Saniya's Album - Click Here

Cookie Monster feat Siddharth - Click Here
Bunty Aur Malika feat Mangesh - Click Here
I Came (Live) - Video by Mikhail - Click Here
Doing The Garba Live -Click Here

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