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Demonic Resurrection Tour Diary - Dhanbad, Jalandhar, Silchar & Anand

When we got calls from ISMU in Dhanbad and NIT in Jalandhar everyone in the band was stunned, cause we have never in our wildest dreams ever thought that metal existed in these cities let alone we would be called to perform there. But we were proved wrong and HOW!!

The 2 days was pure madness, non stop traveling from 1 end of the country and at both gigs playing to a fantastic audience that appreciated our music and kept asking for more.

Our journey started with everyone landing up at the airport around 6pm on Friday evening to catch our flight. Our man Daniel's brother had crushed him into a wall while reverse parking the car, by accident ofcourse and poor Daniel had his hand in a bandage. However nothing was broken but it was fairly painful for him and he had a can or 2 of relispray and crape bandage to hopefully heal it by show time.

So we casually check in our luggage only to find ourselves in the excess baggage zone but after making some successful arrangements (which involved more hand luggage) we managed to get away without paying anything. The flight to Kolkata was fairly pleasant however the I did fire Daniel for buying a 150Rs sandwich because its such a waste of money tongue. On landing at Kolkata at 10pm we wait for our pickup which had not arrived. We were soon informed that on the way the car tire had burst but thankfully no one was injured. So we had a wait at the airport and man Kolkata airport is DEAD!! there is nothing there so we are some really bad snacks from the lone snack vendor till the cars finally arrived at Mid-night. So we loaded up all the gear and made our way to Dhanbad in the middle of the night.

The drive was amazing because its so freaking dark and there are no lights and there must have been a gazzillion trucks on the way and we even saw a huge accident where a truck was overturned in the middle of the road and all the goods spilled over and stuff. We also stopped at some Hindustan Restaurant on the way where we sat on these cots outside and ordered some food. The restaurant had these very shady 'cabins' labeled Cabin 1 thru 5 which were little booths in the walls with curtains for privacy and we did not want to know what in the world went on inside those. I ordered some dish called CHICKEN OIL FRY. because the CHICKEN PAKODA was over. Also a butter alu paratha which had some weird masala in it which just gave us quite some misery later on tongue We set off again after eating and finally landed in Dhanbad at the hotel around 6am in the morning.

The hotel was absolutely KICK ASS!!! We have so far received very average rooms and stuff but this hotel felt like a 5 star and it was really really awesome and we loved the place. We all reached and crashed immediately as we had little or no sleep in the car. It was the complimentary breakfast that made us wake up at 10am and we headed down minus the sleeping Mephisto for breakfast and we also bumped into members of Rudra and met up with Anupam who was doing sound for us that evening and Shashwat the Narsil vocalist who now manages Rudra among other bands for shows. After a healthy breakfast we headed back to sleep and woke up around 1:30 to get ready for soundcheck.

However our plans were cut short when we saw outside a HUGE dust-storm and lots of wind which was looking quite wicked. I even saw a bird in flight get blown around a bit. And followed that was RAIN!!! Meanwhile we surfed the channels to see if launchpad was being telecast since I missed it the previous night. Finally we decided to head down for lunch after we were told the stage was a mess due to rain and needed some fixing up. So we had lunch with the organizers and figured out the game plan that DR would head to the venue by 6 or so and soundcheck and then play by around 8.

So we got our stuff together and went to the venue which was like a football field in the campus and we got started on our soundcheck. It was great having Anupam around and we did the most detailed soundcheck ever. So we were all set and ready to rock the place. We left our stuff and headed to a temp guesthouse where we geared up for the gig.

We got back and took stage and a young announcer start to read out the DR bio in an attempt to introduce the band but was cut short by Anupam who informed him it was starting to rain and the band HAD to start playing and so we proceeded with our Demonic Assault. The crowd which was small had turned into a huge one and they were going quite crazy. I'm sure not all of them were metalheads and only a select section had probably ever head DR or a metal band before last night when Rudra played but they were freaking out and having a good time. On the other side of the stage the faculty sat quietly on chairs and enjoyed our performance or so I think tongue

Our setlist for the night was
1. Spirits of The Mystic Mountains
2. Where Dreams & Darkness Unite
3. The Warriors Return
4. Dreams Of The Dead
5. A Darkness Descends
6. Dismembering The Fallen
7. Apocalyptic Dawn
8. Beyond The Darkness
9. Unrelenting Surge of Vengeance
10. Journey To Solaris
11. Frozen Portrait

It even started raining during our set and I was standing on the ramp headbanging during Frozen Portrait getting soaked in the rain but the crowd was going crazy and we really had a blast. We thought we were done after our last song but the crowd would not let us go that easily and we finally had to play another song and since we had no songs left we just played Spirits of The Mystic Mountains again and they sure did have a good time. Our dear Danny boy played a flawless set even if the sprained hand though he was in a fair amount of pain after the show. Mephisto was put on a riser for the 1st time. Viru was solid on the kit. Husain was the star of the show with his bass humps and assorted moves tongue and I apparently had some ridiculous stage banter but definitely Dhanbad is on the metal map now big_smile

After the set we packed our gear and like some serious celebrities were escorted via a back route to the bus as we were told if we went out front we would certainly be mobbed. So we took a bus back to the hotel where we quickly proceeded to pack our bags and get some dinner. We loaded up the cars and left the hotel by mid-night to catch the 7am flight from Kolkata. The ride to the airport was awesome and the drivers went a little crazy too driving on the wrong side of the road at 1 point of time. I think the car I was in had a more sober driver. Either way we reached the airport all safe and sound and boarded our flight to Delhi.

We landed at Delhi airport at 10am and bid adieu to Shashwat and Anupam. We all took a required bathroom break and found our cars and loaded them up. We left Delhi airport by 11am for Jalandhar with Mephisto letting us know that we need to find a McDonalds and stock up on burgers as our delicate stomachs cant handle Dhaba food. However it was a LONG LONG time before we finally got to a McDonalds but we did get our burgers and continued the journey.

We originally thought it was a 5hour journey tops, obviously some wrong information had been passed to us or we assumed something wrongly because Anupam and Shashwat told us it was going to be 6-7hours approx. So we did all the maths and hoped we'd reach by 6 considering we left at 11am. That however was not the case and the grueling journey took us 9 fucking hours!! And we reached the venue at 8pm after getting lost around 7:30 in Jalandhar and having an organizer come on a bike and guide us to the venue. We had called earlier saying to start the competition earlier which had 7 bands performing so that we could play after that but the bands apparently wanted to be judged by us so they wouldnt start. Anyway we were more worried trying to figure out what time to leave from there so we could catch our 6am flight and considering it took us 9hours to get there we'd need to leave at 9 or 10 assuming that we'd skip the 1 hour break on the way.

So finally we reached at 8 and went straight to the guesthouse where we got reach and left from at 8:30 to setup and get the show started. There was some light problems which were being sorted also and the faculty and crowd were getting restless asking when the band is going to start. So we got on stage and in 30min flat we got our shit together. The venue was like a mini Hamsadwani amphitheater or a mini rang bhavan and there was a dark funeral pentagram logo with the goats head in the centre with Demonic Resurrection written on it which was hand drawn by a college student and it was a BIG ass drawing and very very cool.

The amphitheater was packed with like 2000 people and I swear it felt like a mini GIR. The moment we started our set the place erupted like volcano. I mean FUCK!!! Everyone just got up and moved in front and went MAD!!! They were headbanging and screaming and just went crazy and got crazier with each song. Again granted there were quite a few metal heads but enough non metal heads I would think. But they were so fucking loud at times the band couldn't hear the stage monitors because the crowd was louder than that. I can safely say this has been one of the best crowds we've ever played too and they were really great!! Jalandhar is also on the metal map now!!

Our setlsit for the evening which was much shorted than the previous night
1. Spirits Of The Mystic Mountains
2. Where Dreams & Darkness Unite
3. The Warriors Return
4. A Darkness Descends
5. Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance
6. Apocalyptic Dawn
7. Journey To Solaris
8. Frozen Portrait

It was phenomenal and we finished at 10:30 and proceeded to speed pack all our gear and head outside to the car where we signed a bunch of autographs and sold some merchandise on the fly and got ready to leave.

So 11pm we left Jalandhar and as per the new improved planned stopped at the 1st McDonalds drive through on the way out. Got some grub and proceeded to drive to Delhi. I forgot to mention that even though it was 9 hours on the way to Jalandhar it was a beautiful journey and it was extremely scenic and beautiful along the way. The way back was equally awesome with it being all dark and gloomy and it was freaking cold!!! So this was one long ride back and I had to stay awake making sure our driver didn't pass out at the wheel. Anyway we finally made it to Delhi airport in the nick of time. We saw some accidents on the way and even got stopped by cops at a random check but we made it safely to Delhi airport which had a security check que the length of the great wall of china but we were ushered through as our flight was boarding already. I think everyone just passed out as soon as we sat cause none of us remembered when the flight took off and when it landed and whether if any of this Indigo air hostesses tried to sell us 150Rs non veg sandwich.

So we landed in Mumbai at 10am and everyone rushed to their respective places of work. This was one mad fucking weekend and I loved every minute of it and hopefully we'll get to play many more such awesome cities like Dhanbad and Jalandhar. I am really looking forward to Silchar and Anand next month.

Cheers & Stay Demonic
The Demonstealer

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-------------PART II--------------

After the madness at Jalandhar and Dhanbad shows last month we were really looking forward to the gigs at Silchar and Anand and hoping to continue creating mayhem at every venue we played. However this tour had a lot of ups and downs and while it was great it certainly could have been a little better.

On Wednesday morning we received word from Mephisto that his mom had been admitted to the hospital as she was suffering from a relapse of cancer and we were all extremely shattered by the news. This also meant Mephisto wasn't going to be able to play the shows this weekend so we got down to the task of figuring out our options whether to try and find someone to play with us and learn 10 songs in 2 days as we were leaving Friday morning or to try and run the keyboard parts on tapes or just play 4 piece and cut certain songs from our set list. We tried a few keyboardists but most people we called were either unable to manage or not able to come for the gig. Finally thanks to Daniels contacts we reached a keyboardist called Anurag who was fairly confident he could learn most of the songs in 2 days and play the shows. I found out he was none other than the keyboard player from a band called Dark Ritual which had covered Demonic Resurrections track 'A Darkness Descends' which is up on youtube. So without any waste of time I emailed him the tracks and fixed a jam for Thursday morning. So next morning at 12 he lands up at my place to jam with me and he comes over and I walk over to my cupboard and I open it and to my shock there was no keyboard there. Officially my most embarrassing moment. I remember then that it was lying at Mephistos brothers house in Mahim as he took it there after the last tour. So after a few calls we decided to go to the Juhu Furtados and jam there and I would pick up the keyboard and meet him again in the evening before the DR jam. So after the jam I was fairly confident as he is a great player and he knew most of the songs but just had to get the structure right and after the jam I got the keyboard and went home.

Then came hurdle number #2 - the tickets!! Everything was booked in Jetesh Menons name so we started calling organizers and the problem was that the tickets were group booking and non refundable so there was options of re-booking at our expense and or to fake his ID and go but since it was too expensive and the latter too risky we told him we'd just go 4 piece and he could play the Gujarat show but Mephisto called to say he'd come to Gujarat. So a big thanks to Anurag for agreeing and sorry that we couldn't take him finally. But he is a great keyboard player. Big thanks from all of DR.

Anyway so we had an interesting jam and made the required alternatives to keyboard parts for all the songs except Apocalyptic Dawn which got dropped from the set. We all landed at the airport at 5:30 next morning to fly to Kolkata and then Silchar. We had a nice flight to Kolkata where we met up with our engineer Anupam Roy who flew in from Delhi and basically chilled for 2 hours before our flight to Silchar around noon. The Silchar flight was short and sweet with some atrocious in flight veg food from Air India. The Silchar airport is the smallest airport I've ever seen since its an army base airport or something, heck I didn't even see bathrooms tongue but we landed all safe and sound and got all our luggage and met the organizers who had got three cars for us which we loaded and headed to the hotel which was an hours drive from the airport. The drive was absolutely awesome and there was lots of empty spaces and greenery and dusty roads etc etc to see along the way. We were put up at the best hotel in Silchar (there aren't many to begin with) called Hotel Borailview which was not bad at all!!! So we checked in and I shared a room with Daniel. The immediate order was Anupam ordering some cream of chicken soup which was awesome and I followed suit. He also ordered some fucked up thing called Fish Mayonnaise which was some strange fish in a plate of mayonnaise with salt on it. Certainly that became the threat of the day tongue be bad and get fed FISH MAYONNAISE!!! So we chilled out and decided we'd go catch the Pink Floyd cover band called BREATHE performing at the festival. I thought I'd give it a miss and catch Launchpad instead but since there was every channel except V and Starworld I too decided to tag along.

So we squeezed into a car with the organizers and headed for the college which was about 30mintues away. Our driver was going pretty fast and man are the roads messed up in Silchar or what!!! Lots of cows, pedestrians and autos without headlights and the trucks!!! So somewhere along the way some dude on a bike tried to overtake us and did not see an oncoming rickshaw due to it not having any headlights and he slammed into our car from the side and took along the hubcap of the wheel with him. He went a bit ahead and stopped and our man the driver got out and them some locals gathered around and some screaming and shouting started. Not to mention this all happened after we stopped at a pan walla and some weed was purchased for our man Husain. Not even 100 meters away we were happily stopped by some army personnel and everyone shat because there was weed in the car but our driver started yelling about the incident that just took place about his hub cap being removed and so on and we drove off while the security personnel went forward to inspect the scene. We reached the campus which was HUGE!!! It was like HUGE!!! And so green and HUGE!! Let me emphasize on the word HUGE! The stage and light setup was fairly small but we were informed that rain and storm had sort of destroyed the construction the day before so this was the best they could manage. The Pink Floyd band was alright but I got fairly bored and we decided best to leave and go back to the hotel. But Viru-I'm-always-on-the-phone was nowhere to be found and a mini man hunt began till we found him wandering in some dark corner of the field talking on his phone. So we headed back and chilled out in the restaurant in the hotel and had some Chinese food and drinks, special mention for the HE-MAN 9000 beer bottle!!! After a nice long drawn out dinner we went to our rooms and fell into deep slumber.

So we woke up the next morning and basically just chilled the fuck out for half the day, had a nice breakfast, lazed around, worked on some patches on Daniels pod, saw a few videos on Anupams Mac Book pro which he was showing around. We had a great lunch at the restaurant and by 4:30 or so we headed to the venue for soundcheck and the show. Basically at the venue also everything was chilled out the sound guys were chillin, the people were chillin and everyone was just chillin so we roamed about til the chillin sound guys returned from whever and we started setting up and KABLAM!!!!! Rain hit the stage!!! Okay it was a mild drizzle but basically all the covers came out, stage gear was packed away and we had another chill session till stage setup began again. First order of business was to remove the drum riser since it was so small that Viru would have fallen off it for sure. Then our long ass sound-check began. Anupam began getting things ready at the console and started the drum sound-check and MAN did he make them sound good. We reached the guitar sound-check point to find out that the given Marshall stack was not working (another reason to dislike cheap solid state marshall amps) and I used the 100 watt Hartke amp much to my dislike. So we had a good sound-check and decided that we'd be performing 1st so that the rain doesn't wash us out later. We ran backstage and got ready.

This really cool growling announcer kid was on stage introducing the band and we walked on stage to quite a roar!!! It must have been about 1200 people max but they sure were an enthusiastic bunch of people!!!

Our set-list was:
Spirits Of The Mystic Mountains
Where Dreams & Darkness Unite
A Darkness Descends
Dreams Of The Dead
The Warriors Return
Beyond The Darkness
Unrelenting Surge of Vengeance
Journey To Solaris
Frozen Portrait
Dismembering The Fallen (encore)

Yes they didn't want us to get off stage so we played Dismembering as an additional track. Now for once I actually carried my digital camera on the trip but smartly forgot to hand it over to someone to click photos while DR performed. I also smartly said lets take one of those Iron Maiden style snaps on stage with the crowd in the background and called all the band members in front only to realize that I had left the camera in the bag so little Daniel ran and retrieved it while the rest of us loitered on stage. Once the camera found its way to the stage into the hands of an able photographer we posed near the ramp and within 30 seconds fans from stage left and stage right had jumped up and nicely positioned themselves left and right of the band and then more came onto the stage covering us completely tongue seemed everyone wanted to be in the photo so the organizer Niraj hurried on stage got us off and got the crowd back down. We had a great time during our performance. It was DR's most brutal set ever!!! Anupam gave us some MAD MAD sound during the performance and I was completely happy with the show. Few highlights were some dude constantly shouting ''Khooni Murga' like 10 times during the show and someone else I was informed shouted 'Sahil is cute' not to mention a bunch of 5 randomly screaming 'Bada maza aaya' ... dont worry there were more then plenty chants of DR song names, thats normal hence I'm not stressing on those tongue

So we got of stage, met lots of people, took lots of snaps, proceeded to the stalls to eat some butter naan, chilly chicken dry and noodles and rice. Not to mention we found this COW that was eating chicken fried rice and chicken noodles!!! Needless to say people assisted the beast in its quest for meat. While all this Boomerang played a great show!! By the time we had got off stage it was 11pm or so and I have no idea where the time went. So I think around 12:30 or 1pm Boomerang got off stage and then we all sat down and got ready to judge the band contest!!!

And by all I mean just me and the Boomerang Vocalist Aateya (hope I spelled it correct) judging it. The 1st band to take the stage was Sanitarium and as their name suggest they played METALLICA!! My god I can't believe this hang up isn't getting over yet tongue but that aside they Butchered 2 Metallica songs and followed it with an original. The riff used in their song was a complete ripoff of Korns Blind. So after them came a sort of hardcore band called Suzys Penitence and they covered some Ateryu and did some originals. Their vocalist was INSANE!! Great screams, decent guitar players and solid bassist and drummer. They were followed by Dr. Luke who got on stage, had technical issues and then got off stage. On came a band called Myth of Fate which had a female singer and man they blew me away!!! What a great band, superb presence!!! Great vocals. Only the guitar player was thoda sloppy and their Evanescence cover did not have good male vocals. But that aside they kicked ass only to make way for Dr. Luke finally who came on stage and kicked an equal amount of ass with their funky music and really great singer, very tasteful guitarist and tight bassist and drummer. They rocked!! Then came the next band whose name I cannot recall but they did some RHCP and were good till they attempted Micheal Jacksons Black or White which the singer completely butchered. So once they were done came the last and final band Silver Tears from Guwahati. They had lots of sound problems. Their songs were kind of just going nowhere. Lots of shredding etc. Great musicians but the whole band just didnt sort of cut it together but a good effort. Anyway the results were Dr.Luke came 1st and Myth of Fate came in 2nd place.So finally we called it a night.... I mean morning since it was 4:30 in the freaking morning!! I must add that somewhere around 2am DR members nicely went back to the hotel except myself who was judging and Husain who kept me company tongue. Not to mention I kept making random announcements on the mic about random things along with DR T-shirts and CDs on sale which was great fun and we chilled!!!

So the next morning we woke up at 10, had our breakfast, packed our bags and headed for the airport!! We had a 2:45pm flight to Kolkata where we had to chill till our 8:40 flight to Mumbai and so we did and it was quiet a drag. Anyway we finally boarded our flight and landed in Mumbai at like 11:30 or so and we decided to try and leave for Anand that night itself instead of the planned 6am since we'd not really get any sleep during the night but that plan did not work out so we all headed home.

Monday morning 6am we were all promptly at Husains house with all the gear and loaded up and ready to leave for Anand. The drive there was very pleasant and it was my 1st time driving on the Surat expressway or whatever its called and it was pretty cool. We saw tanks and army vehicles being transported along the way, saw about 3 hotels called 'Decent' and a nice Non Veg restaurant. No it really was called NICE. So we cruised and landed in Gujarat at around 2:30pm it was a long drive so we were exhausted. We met the organizers who took us to the nearby Dominoes for lunch and we did feast! They told us the stage and sound was being setup and we could go to the hotel and chill and come back for sound-check after that. I however said I'll just go have a look at the sound setup and speak to the engineer etc since there was no Anupam on this trip. And I walk into the venue and my horrors of horrors!!! The sound is 100% GANPATI MANDAP SOUND!!! FUCK!!!

The mixer is placed touching the stage left. The speakers are about 10 feet away from the stage left and right. The stage is 2 feet off the ground looking terrible. The backdrop is some design with full Gujarati prem katha written on it. And the speaker themselves are just random speakers aligned next to each other 10 random speakers on each side, no highs low or mids, just speakers. I swear it looked like some exhibition of speakers!!! WTF!!! We screamed bloody murder. We called aside the organizers and explained the dire situation of the sound and that we would possibly not perform on the system provided. To my horror it was a MONO system!!! So some chit chat trying to sort things but from the looks of it this was all the sound possible. Anything else would have to come from Baroda. Husain took control as manager and basically whopped ass because we had given them a technical ryder for sound requirements 20days in advance as well as asked for the sound persons number 5 times and we were confidently assured that everything would be available and there were no issues. Everything was WRONG!! The concept of drum mics didn't exist. Well he had drum mics but he had about 10 pieces of a single model of microphones which went on each drum part, no sm57 for snare no separate kick mic, nothing like a condenser for overheads. My god it was madness. I inspected the sound further. No Eq for PA, no compressor, no gate!!! We basically had to ensure we got paid before anything took place and this sound system was not happening at all. Finally we suggested that they setup the stage etc (which was not done yet) and we'd go to the hotel and they could call us when its ready. We would soundcheck and see if I could make it sound decent on the PA and we'd play then else we'd just take our payment and leave. So on the way out I said let me just tell him where to place the guitar amps. I walked up and just casually asked the sound guy what amps he had carried. Our gujju bhai just shook his head and said nahi hai. I then turned my shocked expression to the organizer in hope that maybe he got it from Heavens Music who supplied a nice Pearl Kit for the show. In return I got the blank expression of a NO. The shit did hit the fan!! There were NO amps!!! Even the most basic rock listener knows you need a guitar amp and a bass amp!! By now we were just insanely messed up and just spent the next 10-15minutes trying to figure out where the hell the amps were going to come from. Finally we just left and went to the hotel.

At the hotel the organizers paid us a visit and lets just say there was a lot of discussion. Some possible solutions attempts and a very firm stand on payment. Finally after freshening up me, Daniel and Viru headed to the venue for a sound-check to see if there was any hope of salvaging the situation. We had some old discovered Roland amp on stage which looked like it was from the 1920's and 1 Marshall 15 watt for use. Later we received another 15 watt and a Laney RB2 (which saved the day). And so I began right from the drum micing to monitor placements to aux sends to everything!!! I started the drum sound-check and looked like a complete moron running from the mixer to front of pa and back to mixer to check every eq change I made. Finally I more or less got everything together by that time Husain and Mephisto arrived and I got them to do a sound-check as well. By this time there was a sizable crowd most of which looked like they came to watch Phalguni Phatak. There was a 10pm deadline so obviously that stress had started and we figured we needed to cut our setlist down. When we started our set we got a small mosh going of about 10-15 metal heads which was promtly stopped by the organizers and the metal heads were moved to stage side where they had to enjoy the show from. One of them later defied the law of the land and came up stage front again and headbanged and the organizer promptly manhandled the lad (I did give the organizer a piece of my mind later). Anyway our set-list was.

Spirits Of The Mystic Mountains
Where Dreams & Darkness Unite
The Warriors Return
A Darkness Descends
Apocalyptic Dawn
Frozen Portrait

Most of the audience didn't really understand the music we played nor did we really enjoy ourselves on stage due the shitty sound system. Few people did try to get into the music and the metal heads who showed up a big thanks to them they made the gig worth it. But yeah we've hopefully sowed some of the metal seeds in a city like Anand.

We then proceeded to judge a very short battle of the bands but by far turned out to be the best, most entertaining one ever!!!

Poseidon from Mumbai (I think) played 1st and were a full on metal band and were pretty decent. They had 3 gutars which made somewhat of a mess of it. 2 of them had plugged into the Marshalls and no one realized that those amps were neither mic'd nor was a line out of any sort taken so only 1 guitarist who was using a POD was actually heard on the PA.

Inferno from Bhopal was up next and they took the place by storm with their easy to sing along originals and a slightly odd choice of cover a Megadeth song which was ok. Their vocals were good, nice harmonies and a killer bass player. They eventually won the contest.

Up came the stars of the night. TRASH CASH from Ahemdabad I think. The attitude they came with just shook it up, the front man screamed wildly, said fuck about 1212142343 times and had some mad mad stage energy. Their bassist was mad too he rocked front and back on stage, then bent down and moved like a snake being charmed before the vocalist/guitarist and then randomly got off stage took a round and went back up. Their drummer was smashing the kit like there was no tomorrow it was all so funny that it was actually good. It was true punk energy!!!! We had a blast watching them.

The next band was Crude topped even the Trash Cash performance. The guitarist was armed with a Giveson guitar that sounded like a distorted flush, the bassist was using someone elses bass. They played and how they played. They all (vocalsit. bassist. guitarist) kept randomly talking on the mic and arguing with each other and stopping after starting songs and tuning and it was full LOL and at one point it looked like the guitarist and bassist were going to beat each other and people from the audience were like 'MARO MARO' and the poor vocalist was like don't fight. I think they played 1 song where the distorted flush tried to do some tapping... the result was EPIC FAIL (word of the day) and it was just pure entertainment. We met the guys from the band later, they just had a bad day but they were really nice kids. Don't worry guys if you are reading this there is always next time.

The last band of the night was Lazy Bums. By now some lady in the building behind had died (May God Rest her soul) and the cops were on the organizers ass so the band after lazy bums weren't going to play and the PA volume was negligible. The band had a phenomenal vocalist. He had a great voice. The band was fairly tight but not very exciting and their 2nd song was quite a disaster. And so the contest ended and we went on stage and announced the winners INFERNO!!

After this we headed for dinner to Subway as it was the only place open at that time. After a nice dinner we headed back around mid-night. Our dumbass drive got lost but eventually we found the way and we reached Mumbai at 10:30 in the morning and everyone headed straight to work.

So over all it was a pretty mad mad trip. And so the mad all over the country tour has somewhat ended for now.

We played
Mumbai - Jan
Chennai - Jan
Hyderabad - Feb
Bangalore - Feb
Dhanbad - March
Jalandhar - March
Silchar - April
Ananad - April.

Lets hope there are a lot of new cities to add to that list this year. Demonic Resurrection wants to go where no metal bands have gone before.

Thank you all for the constant support. Pictures will be up soon.

Cheers & Stay Demonic
The Demonstealer

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