Saturday, July 11, 2009

Demonic Resurrection Re-Releases 'Beyond The Darkness' EP for FREE Download

Indian melodic metallers Demonic Resurrection have re-released their 2007 EP titled 'Beyond The Darkness' online for download on

The EP was released in 2007 by Demonstealer Records as part of a 3-way split 'Rise Of The Eastern Blood' which also featured Dusk (Pakistan) and Severe Dementia (Bangladesh). The EP saw the band change from a more medieval theme and sound to a more celestial path.

The album still remains available for purchase for fans that wish to support the band on The End Records or email the band on

Beyond The Darkness

1. Journey To Solaris
2. Celestial Disharmony
3. And The Dream Will Cease To Exist
4. Beyond The Darkness
5. The Fallen Stars

What the critics had to say:
The Metal Observer: "do yourself a favour, check these guys out as soon as you can!" 8.5/10 Read the Review

Heavy Metal Universe: "Everything's perfect with this band, from the great guitar leads to the perfect vocals (growls or clean voices) and clean keyboards, so good that the band sounds better than ever" 6/6 Read the Review

Chronicles of Chaos: "A better executed, more mature and cohesive release than their previous work." 7/10 Read the Review

Diabolical Conquest: "it is relatively safe for me to say that Demonic Resurrection has never sounded better. " Read the Review

Split Magazine: "the perfect blend of clean vocals with gut wrenching growling, skin blasting drums and head banging riffs completed with melody from the keys" Read the Review

Photo's by Shiv Ahuja.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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