Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Demonic Resurrection featured on Indo-Pak Metal Compilation


Roadcrew Records (IND) Ironline Group (PAK) and Stampedes Inc (PAK)
have joined together to bring out a music compilation featuring 12 of
the hottest bands from India and Pakistan in an attempt to promote
cordial relationships between our countries and to bring an end to the
violence. The compilation features bands such as Inner Sanctum,
Zygnema and Demonic Resurrection from India and Half An Eye, Communal
Grave and MobrulZ from Pakistan, among others, and is up for free
download from the Ironline group, Stampedes Inc and Roadcrew Records
websites! The entire track listing is given below.

01. Half An Eye - A Different Day
02. Communal Grave - Blinded By Deceit
03. Imran Siddique - Afra Tafri
04. Half An Eye - Wasting My Time
05. MobrulZ - Demolition
06. Anesthezia - Turning Around
07. Heretic - Reprise
08. Rat King - The Wake
09. Demonic Resurrection - A Tragedy Befallen
10. Zygnema - 59
11. Inner Sanctum - Quarantine
12. Manoj Jacob - Who's Line Is It Anyway

Go ahead, download the compilation and support the cause! Cause in the
end, music speaks louder than words!

Download link:

Supported by Demonstealer Records

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heading to Norway!!

The dream has finally become a reality!!

I swear I used to dream of playing at the Inferno Festival and now its come true and the realization is just about hitting me, our (Demonic Resurrection) visa's have come through and our tickets are booked!! Our name is there on the website!! FUCK YEAH!

Inferno Festival Schedule

I'm also speaking at the Inferno Music conference and I'm fucking stoked about it. I got to get off my butt and make my presentation.

Demonic Resurrection is going to kick some ass at Inferno 2010!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Demonic Resurrection releases video on VH1

Its been a long time since I uploaded anything here. But the good news is on 15th Jan we released our 1st ever music video on youtube and about a month later it previmiered on VH1 India and is still doing the rounds. If you still haven't seen the video. Check it out.