Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Demonic Cookery - Episode 2

Wokay, after a long time I write a note and instead of a random rant I thought a another recipe would do some good to peoples tummy's if nothing else :P

Now this recipe was derived from the Italian dish 'Chicken Piccatta'. Anyway this was my take on the dish.

Some chicken breats (back off pervs)
All purpose Flour
Herbs of choice (oregano, chilli flakes, paprika etc)
Lemon Juice
Water/Chicken Broth
Olive Oil


1. Take em chicken tits :P and beat em nice and flat.
2. Mix the flour, herbs, salt and pepper in a dish.
3. Heat the oil and butter (say 2 tbsp oil and 3 butter)
4. Coat the chicken with flour and cook it in the pan till golden brown which would be about 3min each side.
5. Remove in a separate dish and keep.
6. In the stuff thats left in the pan add the chicken broth and lime juice and stir for a bit.
7. Add the chicken in it cook for a bit more and remove.
8. Garnish with lime slices and spring onion if you like.

And thats pretty much all there is too it :)

Somewhere in the making
Almost Done
Just before serving.
The final product

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