Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Demonic Cookery - Episode 8

Well on Sunday night I was being the dutiful brother and was coaxed into cooking a cheese omelet for my brother, so I decided to do something different with it and so I made a CHEESE OMELET PIZZA!!! Due credit to my grandad for coming up with this awesome variation.

2-3 Eggs
Salt & Pepper
Oregano or Italian Seasoning
Spring Onions (you can use any veggies you like)
Pizza Cheese (I used amul)
*you can also add any meats to this recipe to make it interesting.

1. Mix the ingredients in a bowl (eggs, milk, seasoning and onions) and beat them up.
2. Heat the oil in the pan and pour the mixture in and let it cook on a slow flame
3. Grate the cheese all over the egg and then once the bottom of the egg is cooked put the frying pan in the oven with the heat from the top on.
4. Remove after the cheese is golden brown and serve.

its just that easy :)

The creation

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