Monday, April 20, 2009

Demonstealer Solo Album: Released 2008

For those who missed this album.


After many years of just playing music and releasing the odd experimental single online, the Demonstealer releases his first solo album. The album has 7 tracks that take you through the musical mind of the Demonstealer. This album is not out on CD. This is an online release for free download. A tribute to everyone who has ever supported DSR & its artists. We say no more, we let the music do the talking. So download it now!!



1. And There Is Calm Before Every Storm
2. Whirlwinds of Devastation
3. Seething Pain That Leaves No Scars
4. The Empty Wasteland of Despair
5. Elegy For The Grieving One
6. A Solitary Mass Of Flesh
7. In Desolation A Prayer

Read the lyrics for all songs at this location.

To listen to samples visit: … dID=117365

To Download:
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  1. Awesome album .... waiting for the next solo project ' And Lalu shall reign' :P

  2. ^ that was a PJ ...

    Favourite track of the album 'Seething pain that leaves no scar' ... \m/