Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Demonic Cookery - Episode 9

The Meal

Another Sunday night and I had to make dinner for myself. There was some rice in the fridge, some potato wedges and random things. But the inspirational ingredient was the PEANUT SAUCE left over from my parents party the previous night where my aunt Bina had got some home made chicken satay and peanut sauce and I will go on record and say this was the MOST amazing peanut sauce I've ever tasted.

So I prepared to make whatever I could. So I used some left over chicken and the peanut sauce and make a peanut sauce chicken, some baked potato wedges and my own creation of Demonic Italian Butter Rice. So accompany this awesome meal I whipped up a demonic cocktail as well.

The Demonic Black Currant and Wine Cooler
The Drink

1 Part Vodka+Rum
1 Part Wine
1 Part Black Currant Syrup
1 Part Soda
1 Part Cola
1 Part Lime

1. Mix it all together.
2. Drink it! :)

The Potato Wedges

1 Packet McCain Potato Wedges
2 Table Spoons Olive Oil

1. Grease Tray
2. Bake for 8minutes or so turning around now and then.

Voila!! Yummy Yummy and not as fattening as deep frying them.

The Demonic Chicken In Peanut Sauce
Side View

2 Chicken Breasts
2 Peanut Sauce
Salt + Pepper
Olive Oil

1. Marinate Chicken in Salt + Pepper
2. Heat oil in a pan, cook the chicken and throw in the sauce.

Its awesome, I'm going to learn how to make the peanut sauce as well someday soon because it was DIVINE!!!

The Demonic Italian Butter Rice
Yum Yum

1 Part Rice
Crushed Carlic
Some butter
Olive Oil
Some herbs
Chopped Olives
Spring Onions

1. Heat the butter in a pan and sautee the garlic and onions.
2. Add the rice and cook some more.
3. Sprinkle the herbs, chopped olives, olive oil and some salt pepper to taste.
4. Serve Hot!

So that's how I made my most awesome meal in the last 3months at least!! The previous one being some beef steak I made at home, but that's another story :)
2. Drink it! :)

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