Saturday, March 28, 2009

Welcome To The Demonic Blog!!!

Welcome to my Demonic World. This is where I'm going to start posting all my stuff at from tour diarys of Demonic Resurrection to my random ramblings to my cooking recipes etc etc.

For now I've just put in all my random ramblings into the blog and I will soon follow with my cooking ones and then take it from there.

So thanks for stopping by and keep checking into my demonic world.

Cheers & Stay Demonic
The Demonstealer


  1. Good shit. Looking forward to some quality rambling :)

  2. Welcome to Blogshere Sir, Will look forward to some 'Demonic posts' !

  3. I am already a fan of your recipes (from what i saw on facebook)!! Hope to see and read a lot about you here!!!