Saturday, March 28, 2009

And she stared into the night sky......

Originally written on Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 12:56am

She stared into the night sky, her heart slowly beating, no tears here but just a glimmer of hope shines bright. She stares into the darkness, no tears here just a hope and a wish. The sky opens up and a bright light shines down on her, she stares with those eyes, her eyes are earnest and hopeful. She is longing, she longs to belong, somewhere and to someone. Forever she bottled the hurt, the pain and the emptiness grew and she became numb. No tears here, she is just one. Once scarred she closed her heart and not even a world could tear it apart. Everything she loved, longed, wished and wanted stayed in and the doors still sealed. Will she trust the light, will she open her heart to it. She wondered if she could trust enough, if she let him in would he break her heart just like the others? She would never recover again, she spent her life burying the pain, is it worth to be vulnerable to it all again. The night sky held open its arms and she stepped into the light, her heart slowly beating, no tears here, just a sense of belonging.


  1. See it Go,
    Slowly Coming,
    A procession,
    Of Death,
    The consequences,
    Interrupting your thoughts,
    Scattered Flowers,
    Scattered dead flowers,
    Lay everywhere,
    Just like,
    And Pieces of them,
    There's no Shadow,
    The Tree Of Death,
    One must Leave,
    The inevitable,
    Will Occur,
    For Sure,
    So why,
    The Black Procession,
    Of Death,
    Is coming ,
    Right at you,
    A coffin,
    Within their shadows,
    Perfect for you,
    A Gateway,
    To the Other World,
    Will be ,
    Before you,
    Hell Or Heaven?
    Satan Or God?
    Time Will tell,
    Till then,
    Death is waiting.

  2. I really am into writing stuff.This is just one of the 30-40 poems/songs I wrote.

    I hope you like it, I have more on Facebook.