Saturday, March 28, 2009

And none of this was ever built to last......

Originally written on Friday, July 27, 2007 at 7:32pm

It started by chance, a few words were spoken, a flash of light and a dream was born. I saw all that stood in my path, it seemed impossible, a herculean task ahead but that wouldn't stop him. The little boy knew deep down inside he would never succeed but he had the blessings of elders and the will of a warrior, he would carry forth on this journey. The search is what started it all and the journey began well as it should have, along the journey people came and went, still I carried forward without looking back, they called me things, they said I would never make it, they said I was nothing........ but he stood strong. Against all the hate, ill wishes and pain he trudged forward. Phase I ended with a small victory, a small mark a set of new friends and beings, but trouble was never far behind and many succumbed along the journey and still we carried forth, so much pain. We needed so much but there was nothing, we had to build it all from scratch. Each night he did dream, he wished for help, but when no one understands the very reason for your being they cannot help much, how can they understand your flaws and shortcomings when they know not the heart that lies yonder? The battle raged on but he was weak and on his last legs and finally they all died, he saw how they all left and he lay there wounded, hurt but still with a spark in his eye that would say that its not yet time die. And so it shall be written and so it shall be done, the resurrection did take place and with a new fire they moved forth and though there were many hurdles the new army battled away to glory..... however life has a rule that after the calm comes the storm, and there was another battle ahead. So with more losses and troubles the world moved on, but a sadness remained. 7 years is a long time for anything, the hope in the little boys eyes had weakened. His eyes were filled with tears of sadness, but he still says 'We've come so far and we've built so much how can we stop now?'. But when at the end of the day you're still one against the world and even those nearest cannot understand the very reason for your existence, how can a little boy not die? It is easy to speak and offer comfort especially when convenience belongs to you, but to raise your sword, understand and fight by my side? Its not possible, I know you dream off your own. It is selfish to ask one to forsake something for your dream. And so it shall be written and so it shall be done, with this hurt, pain and still a small ray of hope in my heart, I will carry on.

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